• La Rochere Bee Tumbler Short 260ml Set of 4

La Rochere Bee Tumbler Short 260ml Set of 4

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The bee collection inspired by Napoleons coat of arms, emblematic of La Rochere, is stepped in history while displaying a contemporary character.

Founded in 1475, La Rochere is the oldest glass factory still in production today in Europe. La Rochere pressed glassware is made at very high temperatures and is famous for its uniquely clear glass, elegant style and sturdiness. Timeless products inspired from French history and French way of life. La Rochere designers work to dress contemporary everyday tables with their unique and inspirational creations that are continually being renewed.

Their classic collections include the iconic Napleonic Bee, Dragonfly, Versailles, Lyon, Perigord, Artois, Coteau, Tempo, Amboise, Ouessant and more. All dishwasher safe and heat resistant.