Snug As A Bub

I’m Gabrielle, mum of four and head & heart behind Snug as a Bub & Co.

I started Snug as a Bub & Co. while pregnant with my last baby and like most mothers, I lead a busy life, my experience of motherhood changed when I discovered swaddling. I found it was my baby's favourite place to be. She felt safe and secure, responding beautifully to the warm and comforting feeling of being swaddled.

Swaddling helps bub transition from life inside the womb, where they snuggly grow for nine months. It creates a sensation that mimics the closeness and security of being inside again. It can calm a fussy baby and helps prevent them from waking themselves by stopping flailing arms and legs, triggering their startle reflex.

Having a content baby reduced my stress levels. It meant I could relax and enjoy my newborn.  Swaddling brought me peace.

I knew I wanted to bring this feeling to other mothers. I wanted to pass on a little peace, calm, and serenity to the experience of motherhood by making bub feel safe and secure in their first weeks out of the womb. And so, the idea for creating organic baby swaddles and bedding formed.

All our products are functional, thoughtfully made, crafted from 100% organic cotton, and eco-friendly, because every baby deserves a beautiful start to life, and every new mum deserves a wonderful experience of motherhood. Although sometimes messy and chaotic, motherhood should always feel like love.