At Moismont yarn dyeing, weaving and printing techniques are passed on from generation to generation.

On one side, the smell of apple and fresh rain, the soothing silence of the countryside, the tawny and reassuring warmth of the red brick; on the other, the bright colours of a mysterious country and the enchanting scent of spices. That is Moismont. A need for authenticity and a return to the roots, tinged with a desire to escape, a strand of elsewhere in the midst of deep roots.  

“A family home whose walls resonate with the children’s laughter and the stories they have witnessed. In winter, we put on rubber boots, an anorak, then we wrap ourselves in a scarf to face the cold in the middle of the orchards. At nightfall, we warm up around a chimney fire, talk, listen to the crackling wood. In the summer, jam workshops and seaside excursions punctuate the children’s holidays and after a hot day we wrap ourselves in soft and light fabrics to enjoy the freshness of the evening”

Three different professions, each of which is the custodian of unique know-how that guarantees the quality of the finished product. France and India join at Moismont. The clothing is made according to the Indian tradition and kneaded with a comforting and convivial softness.

The designs are created by Chloé Levesque, a textile designer based in Paris.