IHR Paper Napkins

A perfect table decoration demands nothing less than innovative ideas, bold designs, a committed creative team that loves its work, premium materials and an affiliated, modern production. In short: Welcome to IHR.

Everything, from the initial idea to the final product, is developed in-house at IHR. Each IHR product, whether drawn on paper or illustrated and designed on the computer, is made with love, expertise and still partly by hand. In order to ensure that the initial idea is transferred precisely to your favourite product, their designers will accompany your creations through the entire production process.

The design team is always on the road for you, visiting international fashion shows and trade fairs and researching current trends and colours. The bestseller collections of tomorrow come from the impressions collected from all over the world in the rural idyll of IHR’s home.

All IHR products are unique with their detailed and precise prints, bright colours, high-quality materials and are subject to strict quality management. All printing tools are made on-site in the company engraving department. Together with the renowned printing company that has won multiple awards, this guarantees the famous IHR quality. We use exclusively high-quality raw materials to create our tissue products. Sustainable quality tissue and environmentally friendly, food-safe water-based brand colours are a matter of course.