Hate a messy bench top? We do too! That's why the ONE BRUSH conveniently hides in the sink... clean, dry and in the same place each time you need to use it. The magnetic stand allows the ONE BRUSH to conveniently hide in the sink, keeping your bench clutter-free and the ONE BRUSH hygienically clean, aired, and dry.

Care about our environment? We've got you covered... the ONE BRUSH is a brush for life, which you only need to purchase once! Hold onto your handle for a lifetime and simply replace the compostable bamboo and sisal fibre heads! The best part... you only have to purchase once and the ONE BRUSH will last a lifetime.

Yesēco was founded by Jamie Phillips, a beach-loving designer who wanted to be part of the solution rather than simply talking about it.

With a passion for nature and having grown up around the ocean, Jamie has travelled to some of the most remote coastlines the world – Indonesia, Croatia, Morocco, New Zealand, Australia. After seeing masses of plastic littering these incredible coastlines, Jamie took it upon himself to try to come up with a creative solution to reduce the use of plastic in everyday products.