Laguiole Jean Neron

Jean Neron Laguiole cutlery produced since 1829 by Coutellerie Neron, a 3rd generation manufacturer and considered to be one of the best knife manufacturers in France.  Each handle features the trademark "bee", stainless steel bolsters, with five rivet construction. The blades are made of high grade stainless steel, stamped, polished, then micro serrated to give a sharp cutting edge. Laguiole Jean Neron cutlery is exquisitely handcrafted in France. The handles are strengthened for long term durability. 

The name of the village 'Laguiole' comes from La Gleisola which means 'small church' in Occitan (local dialect). Laguiole is a generic name for the model that originates from the village of Laguiole. Laguiole is not a trademark, as it is too old. It is part of the public domain, and that is why anybody can make knives with the Laguiole brand. The genuine Laguiole knife is manufactured through a 170 page operations manual made by expert craftsmen. This traditional method is respected and used in the Jean Neron Laguiole plant in Lezoux, near Thiers.