Ceramic dinnerware in signature cabbage leaf designs.

Portuguese artist Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro and his younger brother founded their Caldas da Rainha ceramics factory in 1884, continuing the city’s ancient pottery tradition.

To this day its ceramicists build on centuries of expertise by using original moulds for an authentic feel, creating humorous pieces which imitate natural forms – it's hallmark cabbage tableware in particular was much copied throughout the twentieth century.  

In 1960s-era Palm Beach, the mark of a real woman of stature was an elaborate dining-room table set with lettuce- and cabbage-shaped plates, cups, and tureens handcrafted by local potter Dodie Thayer. Brooke Astor, Bunny Mellon, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and C.Z. Guest waited weeks to buy her goods, sold exclusively at Harriet Healy’s Palm Beach store Au Bon Gout. For years these dishes were hidden in the country homes of the elite and reserved for high-society luncheons. 

This is one of our favourite brands, a few years before opening the shop Belinda asked for Christmas for the cabbage side plates and bowls, many Wells family meals have been consumed off those pieces & they will be enjoyed for many years to come. Start building your collection.