La Chamba

Kitchen cookware for cooking and serving family dishes.

La Chamba cookware is well known throughout South America and is used in many top traditional restaurants.

Indigenous people have used La Chamba for food preparation, cooking and eating for centuries. In fact, the origins of this cookware can be traced back over 700 years to vases and pictures found in archaeological sites.

After centuries of change throughout the world, La Chamba is still made in its original and traditional manner. Each piece is moulded by hand ensuring its unique individuality. The body of each item is made from coarse, dark grey clay and finer terracotta clay is then applied in a thin layer over the entire surface as a glaze. After drying, the surface is polished with semi-precious stones, such as Tiger’s eye. It is the skill and time spent polishing that gives each item its natural patina and distinctive satin finish.