• Coast Marine Bean XL - Taupe

Coast Marine Bean XL - Taupe

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The timeless original, perfected and unrivaled - our signature Coast Marine Bean XL.
Experience ultimate outdoor relaxation with this award-winning Marine Bean XL. Designed in New Zealand, this beanbag has undergone extensive research, development, and 15+ years of field testing in order to provide the best in comfort and durability.
The Coast Marine Bean XL is a must-have for unwinding on your boat, by the pool, in the yard, or by the shore. It can withstand outdoor conditions all year long while adding a touch of sophistication to any indoor space.
Experience unmatched performance and durability with Sunbrella Blend fabric. A woven mix of yarns creates a beautifully soft texture, reminiscent of heavy linen. This versatile fabric is built to last and offers a stunning color palette that complements both indoor and outdoor styles.
The Marine Bean XL includes a waterproof lining, allowing the Sunbrella® shell to be removed for cleaning, airing or winter storage.
Please contact us for delivery options at amanda@wellstrading.co.nz
Other colours are also available.
All Coast Marine Bean XL are pre-filled for your convenience at no additional charge. Lifetime manufacturer's warranty. 5 year exterior guarantee against fading and deterioration. Exterior guarantee applies to the Sunbrella cover and excludes the liner.