Mr Voss

Candle perfumes in soy blended wax. 

Neither noblemen, aristocrats nor squires, Mr Voss men are fellows of another age. Suspended in the void between space and time, our gentlemen pair vintage tradition with modern values – transmitting chronicles from a parallel world.

Created by celebrated Australian floral designer, makeup artist and event stylist Simone Voss, Mr Voss candles immortalise evocative scents within a soy blend wax. I blend with personalities unique to scent characteristics, fragrances convey the individual and complex dynamism of people, designed to appeal to both men and women.

A matching diffuser collection perfectly complements the candle perfumes. Chivalry isn’t dead. It’s burning.

Created to complement one another in a cohesive series, Mr Voss perfumes translate the sublime possibilities of fine fragrance into an experiential form. Whether a maverick, renegade, pacifier or professor, there’s a definitive Mr Voss luxury fragrance for you.

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