Flatout Bear

In 2001, sisters from Sydney Australia, Sarah and Prue teamed up to create FLATOUTbear and share their love of flat bears with the world. Who doesn’t love a teddy bear?

Having grown up with flat bears of their own as children, flat teddies have always been part of their lives – as has retail. As babies they watched their dad work in his antique shop and then later saw their mum run her homewares shop. It seemed only natural that one day they would start their own business together.

FLATOUTbears has grown from an online store, to supplying retailers all over the world. With over 400,000 bears sold, FLATOUTbears have travelled to over 50 countries including the USA, UK, China, Japan, Denmark, Sweden, France, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand and Korea – just to name a few!