Caddis Readers

Caddis readers and glasses for people over 40.

Caddis readers were chosen by the wells trading company as a recognised quality designer of eye appliances for maturing eyes. 

What is “age”? There are people who study ageing, study it well, but Caddis are not those people. As life hackers, they witnessed behaviour, then built experiences and solutions from what they noticed.

“Over time, we found that cultural programming on age needs an alternative channel, so we are in the process of building one. But, we need to understand what age is to us, and people like us…not the masses. Attitudes & beliefs as powerful health remedies is now the bullseye of our target. Setting coordinates on this requires turning the tide on cultural perceptions and recruiting like-minded people. We realize that this goes against most of the mass market and mass culture. We’re asking people to aspire to be more of who they are today. Owning it.”