• Caddis Miklos Bone 1.5

Caddis Miklos Bone 1.5

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This design is highly favored by a wide range of individuals for its flawless fit. It can be likened to an elastic waist pant for eyewear, however such a comparison fails to truly capture the elegance of Miklos. The frames are adored by those with larger facial structures for their durability, while those with smaller features appreciate the unique touch they provide. Ultimately, your personal preference is of utmost importance. As an extra touch, we have engraved "Port" over the left eye and "Starboard" over the right eye, a subtle nod to the sea and the world of luxury yachts.

Caddis boasts of its optical-grade CR39 lens with a top-of-the-line hard coat for unmatched scratch resistance. Its anti-reflective coatings prevent reflections and glare, while its superhydrophobic and oleophobic coatings keep it smudge-free. Each handmade acetate design utilizes cutting-edge CNC and finishing techniques for a perfect fit, ultimate functionality, and long-lasting durability.