• Willy the Chilli Pepper Rattle

Willy the Chilli Pepper Rattle

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This rattle is suitable for babies, girls or boys, from birth. It is handmade with crochet. Its texture and bell help awaken the senses and its chilli shape is created to make babies aware of nature and healthy eating. This rattle comes with an eco-responsible paper bag, as if it came out of the market.

This is an original and sustainable birth gift!

For ages 0+ year.
size : 19 cm x 4 cm
material : - outside, 100% organic cotton
               - inside, 100% flower cotton
               - 1 bell
care instructions : machine washable (30°)

Did you know, the burning sensation that we feel when eating chilli is due to capsaicin, a chemical fat soluble. It means it can dissolve in lipids. So next time drink milk...