• Normandy Dough Bowl Antique Medium

Normandy Dough Bowl Antique Medium

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Normandy, France


Dough Bowl, or sometimes called a Trencher, is a wooden vessel used to mix bread dough. Dating back to colonial times, these bowls were found in every home, and were carved from a large piece of wood. These pieces of art were perfect for letting bread dough rise because the wood was natural insulation, and kept the yeast warm. The family dough bowl was a treasured and vital kitchen tool, and was passed down from mother to daughter. 


Anything can be made more beautiful by placing it in a dough bowl. There are no styling rules, so simply use things you love. Such versatile pieces, they can be used for floral arrangements, at a large party for bread rolls, or add a bin-liner, ice and your favourite bottles of wine. Every entertainer needs one of these.