• Nepetalactone Glass Black 2.0

Nepetalactone Glass Black 2.0

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  • Best-in-class frequency lenses. Technology is infused in + blocks 45% of harmful blue light.

  • CR39 lens.

  • Superior hard coat for anti-scratch durability.

  • Anti-reflective coatings to mitigate reflections and glare.

  • Super hydrophobic and oleo-phobic coatings for anti-smudge.

All Nepetalactone readers come with our proprietary blue light blocking frequency lenses. At no extra cost to you. This technology is infused into the lens. Not coated on. Blocks 45% of harmful blue light at, and surrounding, the most harmful wavelength (455 nm). This is more than other brands. Ask and you'll see. Is in a nearly clear lens (which is hard to do).