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Mr Voss Candle Columbus

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COLUMBUS The air carries the scent of promise, prosperous with exotic fruit and sandalwood. As foreign soles imprint the soft, benevolent earth, Columbus charts the breadth of the continent, declaring his brave, new world home. Head Notes Cassis | Fig Heart Notes Cinnamon | Clove | Lavender | Rose Base Notes Amber | Oak | Musk | Patchouli | Sandalwood Measurements 112mm x 103mm x 103mm Weight 654g Light This soy-blend wax candle is designed for up to fifty-five hours of burning. To amplify its effect, burn for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four. Extinguish Where a candle snuffer is unavailable, blow gently and steadily to extinguish the flame. Maintain Ensuring the candlewick is upright, trim before relighting. An ideal wick length is five to seven millimetres.