• Camille Camomile Flower Doll

Camille Camomile Flower Doll

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This doll is inspired by the work of Françoise Dolto. In the late 1940s, she imagines the creation of a doll-flower, with human body and vegetal face, which allows her patients to free their aggressiveness with this toy. Little by little, what she calls "the unconscious image of the body" is the title of her work published in 1984. And in Dolls Game, published by Mercure France.

For ages 0+ year.

size : 43 cm x 15 cm
material : - outside, 100% organic cotton
               - inside, 100% flower cotton
               - 1 bell
care instructions : machine washable (30°)

Did you know, in ancient Egypt, it symbolized the sun and was used to embalm the dead.