Tableware and cookware for classic kitchens. 

One of Scandinavia’s leading interior brands, based in Copenhagen, the company originates back to 1955. They have a long tradition of travelling the world for inspiration and materials, as Scandinavians have always done. Processing is gentle, so the original feel of the material and its character remain intact. Their dynamic and creative team is constantly working on developing the range with respect for the fine balance between the Nordic tradition and the trends of the moment. Their designs find a blend of modern edge and classic vitality.

Esrum by Broste 

A chic two-tone design adorns its stoneware surface, with ivory and charcoal shades completing its sophisticated appearance. Its material is incredibly sensitive to the atmosphere during the firing process, resulting in differing colours and textures between every item and creating plates individual to their owners. A wonderful addition to any place setting it can be paired with matching Esrum tableware also available.

Salt by Broste

The Salt dishes by Broste Copenhagen characterized by classic shapes with elegance and sharpness. The white glaze is complemented by hand-painted black edges. The glaze gets its distinctive texture and colour in the firing process, which makes each piece of tableware unique.  We carefully selected three dinner sets to stock, Salt being one of them due to its timelessness and elegant design, it works in both a traditional setting or a contemporary one & has a full range of other classic and unique shapes side dishes to complement the range.