Brands at Wells Trading


We love a mix of old and new at Wells Trading and love to see a home filled with family hand-me-downs mixed in with a fresh white dinner set and clear wine glasses.  

We believe in the slow art of collecting, we now live in a culture of “wanting everything now” which means we often settle for a less superior product or an imitation, then get sick of it and moving onto the next thing. When we were young our mother used to love to set grand tables for dinner parties and spent years adding to her dinner collection, first starting with the basics then adding as the years went by. As children we watched the table become grander as they years went by! Those pieces she still has today and many a memory has been shared whilst eating off those plates and sipping wine out of her glasses.

The brands we chose to stock in Wells Trading must fit our ethos  “stand the test of time”, we are often drawn to brands who have a long and rich history of quality and timelessness.  The products we stock in our shop we search far and wide to bring to you such as a local ceramicist from Otago, artisans from small villages in Morocco and the oldest candle makers in France. We buy products that complement each other and will adorn your home for years to come.